AIG Global Assistance Services

AIG Global Assistance Services (Travel Guard), provides emergency assistance to you while you are abroad and is included in your KU study abroad program fee.  A membership card and a brochure describing in detail the services of AIG and the benefits they provide will be included online through the JayhawksAbroad application portal. Study Abroad & Global Engagement encourages students to read the AIG brochure carefully. Contact your Study Abroad Coordinator if you have any questions.


AIG provides assistance to overseas travelers in the way of consultation about and coordination of local medical services.  In addition, AIG provides services and, if necessary, cost for emergency transportation to a medical facility (not including initial transport to hospital for evaluation) where adequate care is available.  Some restrictions apply.

AIG will help students during medical and personal emergencies while traveling.  Services include medical consultation and referrals, medical monitoring in conjunction with local doctors and hospitals, and medical evacuation (transportation to the nearest medical facility in which adequate care can be provided).   AIG also provides evacuation assistance due to natural disaster and for security reasons.

In addition, AIG provides a number of personal services including assistance with lost or stolen baggage and documents, prescription assistance, legal and interpreter referrals, and emergency telephone interpretation assistance.

KU Study Abroad includes AIG in the program fee to provide students and their families with international assistance in the case of a medical emergency and to protect them from the costs associated with emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.  These kinds of services and transportation costs can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars.  Usually, they are NOT covered by health insurance policies.

NO.  AIG is not health insurance and does not provide for any of the costs of medical care.  All students studying abroad on KU programs must provide their own major medical health insurance.

NO.  AIG does not pay for any medical expenses and services do not replace medical insurance for emergencies away from home.  Each student or his/her health insurance plan is responsible for all incurred medical expenses.

Yes. AIG reserves the right to suspend, curtail, or limit any or all of the services at any time in the event of war, riot, insurrection, etc. AIG will provide services to the best of its ability during such occurrences.

Students can access specific country information online by registering on the AIG/Travel Guard website using instructions provided on the AIG identification card.  In the case of an emergency students must call (collect) the worldwide access phone number provided on the AIG identification card.  The policy number listed on the identification card is required for online access and when calling to request services.  

A student becomes suddenly ill with appendicitis in a small town in Italy.  Surgery is necessary.  AIG determines that the local medical facilities are not adequate for the surgery.  AIG arranges for transporting the patient to the nearest adequate facility – in this case, Rome – in order for the student to receive appropriate care.