Curriculum Integration

CI is a highly collaborative process whereby Study Abroad & Global Engagement staff partner with key faculty and administrative staff in academic units to identify specific courses as well as timing opportunities within a curriculum where a study abroad experience could be attainable.  Study Abroad & Global Engagement staff then research course offerings and experiential learning opportunities both at current partner institutions as well as other potential international sites and present these findings to faculty and staff within the unit.  This information is reviewed by faculty to assess curricular fit and, if appropriate, added as a suitable option for students to pursue abroad.  The culmination of this work is the production of study abroad materials that highlight a portfolio of vetted study abroad programs and courses specific to that major.  These materials will help guide both students and their academic advisors in planning for study abroad experiences during their academic career. 

Addressing Obstacles

Study Abroad Curriculum Integration (CI) seeks to address obstacles to student participation (principally academic fit, faculty engagement, and finances) by tailoring international education experiences to meet the academic requirements and learning outcomes of each department.  Specifically, CI aims to:

  • Encourage and empower faculty and advisors to be partners in the development, support, and promotion of international programming. 

  • Maximize study abroad opportunities for students by leveraging departmental and institutional relationships and by expanding the terms of current collaborative agreements with KU partner institutions abroad. 

  • Enhance student learning through greater academic cohesion between international study and KU coursework in the major. 

  • Increase scholarship support to make study abroad financially feasible for all students. 

  • Enable students to start planning during their freshman year (or even before arriving at KU!) for a full semester abroad.

Study Abroad & Global Engagement is interested in working with faculty and administrative staff in departments and schools across campus to engage their units in study abroad curriculum integration.  If you are interested in learning more and/or would like to become involved in this project, please contact Angela Perryman at 785-864-3742 or

To ensure the goals of the CI initiative are met and to actively engage faculty and administrators in the development, selection and approval of programs for their students, Study Abroad & Global Engagement would like to offer grant funds in support of faculty/staff travel either to an existing international site or to a new potential partner for the purposes of developing new study abroad opportunities for KU students.