Using 529 Plans to Study Abroad

Many students who use 529 plans (college savings accounts) to fund their education at KU can also use their 529 plan for study abroad. Study abroad expenses such as tuition and fees, program fees, room and board, and required textbooks are eligible to be funded with a 529 plan, just like they are in the United States.

Study abroad expenses that are not able to be covered with 529 plans include transportation, international health insurance, medical costs not covered by U.S. health insurance, basic living expenses, and any costs associated with an international cell phone.

KU study abroad program budgets will detail which payments, if any, are made through KU Enroll & Pay. Using 529 plans to pay for study abroad expenses follow the same process as paying for on-campus courses. Depending on the program, some fees will be paid directly to the host institution or program provider and not billed through KU, so you will have to check with your specific 529 plan to see what the procedure will be to pay for those fees.