Study Abroad Scholarships

There are many different scholarships available for study abroad through the University of Kansas as well as outside private sources. Scholarship deadlines can vary, so some students choose to start exploring their options up to a year in advance to make sure they meet all of the scholarship deadlines.

Students generally can use their scholarships for their study abroad program, although some KU scholarships do not cover the summer term, and therefore are not applicable for summer study abroad programs. To learn more about how your scholarships will work for your study abroad program, please view Using Financial Aid & Other Funding Sources

Often, because of application deadlines, students will not have received notification of receipt of study abroad scholarships prior to having to commit to their chosen program. Therefore, it’s important for students to know how they will pay for their program if they do not receive the scholarship.

In order to calculate an estimate of what the overall cost for a study abroad program will be, please view Study Abroad Costs for resources to do so. Students who will need scholarship support to be able to study abroad and have flexibility can consider programs that have specific scholarship funds set aside for them.

Many of the funds to support study abroad scholarships come from donors. Students who are awarded a scholarship from a donor may be asked to write a thank you letter to the donor, including information about their plan of study. Additionally, semester and academic year awardees are asked to do an outreach project such as writing essays or providing photos about your time abroad. Students will be notified of any scholarship requirements in their award email.

Types of Scholarships

Please see the buttons below to search for different types of study abroad scholarships. KU Study Abroad Scholarships are awarded by KU Study Abroad and other offices at the University of Kansas while Other Study Abroad Scholarships are awarded by other entities.