Global Scholars Seminar

By introducing students to undergraduate research, providing them with opportunities to learn more about study and research abroad, and helping them think about ways they might integrate international into their post-graduate lives, the seminar serves as the foundation for the Global Scholars program.

Music and Migration

Dr. Ketty Wong, Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology

Time/Place: 5:30-8:00 pm on Tuesdays ♦ 108 Nunemaker 

What happens when people, religious beliefs, and ideas about music migrate to new social and cultural contexts around the world? Global Scholars will explore the circulation of musical instruments through the Silk Road, how African religions have adapted to the Caribbean through slavery and its aftermath, the effects of European immigration on Argentina’s tango, border and immigration issues reflected in Mexican corridos, and the reception of new musical genres and dances around the world.  While music provides continuity to migrants’ dislocation and infuses their new culture with unique sounds and ideas, how can it impact race, class, gender, sexuality, national identity and transnationalism?