Non-KU Students

Many of our study abroad programs are open to students from any accredited college or university. Programs open to non-KU students are indicated in the "Fact Sheet" section of the program brochure page.

Programs Open to Non-KU Students


Application, Admission & Enrollment

Students will need to apply for a study abroad program and complete the application.  After a student has decided on a program, they will need to begin an application by clicking the "Apply Now" button on the program brochure page.  The student will be prompted to register for a login for the online application. A User ID and temporary password will be emailed to you with directions on logging into the online application.  Once you login and change your password, you will need to go back to the program brochure page and select the "Apply Now" button again. Then application will prompt you to select the term for which you are applying.  After you arrive at your application home page, you will need to complete all required application parts.  For more information about the application parts, please review our Application Process page.

Once the application is complete, it will be reviewed and if the student is accepted to the program then the student will need to apply to KU as a non-degree seeking student.  Full instructions for applying to KU will be in the material submission section of the student’s study abroad application through the JayhawksAbroad portal.

Once the student has been notified of their acceptance to KU, they will receive their KUID number.  At this point, students will need to create a KU Online ID and password.  This should be done as soon as possible because students will need the KU Online ID and password to be enrolled in their courses as well as pay their program fees.  Full instructions on creating the KU Online ID and enrollment will be available on the student’s study abroad application through the JayhawksAbroad portal.


Students will be enrolled in KU courses while they are studying abroad. Students will need to work with their home institution to see how the courses taken abroad will fulfill degree requirements.

Non-KU students will be issued one transcript from KU. This transcript will be sent to the student’s home institution. If a student requires additional transcripts from KU, they can be ordered from the KU Registrar's Office.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Non-KU students will need to check with the Financial Aid Office at their home university to see if it is possible to use their Financial Aid and Scholarships for KU Study Abroad Programs as institutional requirements and procedures can vary.

Non-KU students who are planning to use any form of financial aid will need to answer "Yes" to the Financial Aid and Scholarships questionnaire on their KU study abroad application through the JayhawksAbroad portal.  Non-KU students can also request a payment deferment if financial aid will be disbursed after KU Tuition and Program Fee payments are due.  Payment deferment paperwork will be available on the student’s study abroad application through the JayhawksAbroad portal.

The University of Kansas does not have any scholarships open to Non-KU students, but there are a broad range of national scholarships available to students; Boren Undergraduate Scholarship and the Gilman International Scholarship are just a few notable ones.

If you have any questions please contact us at 785-864-3742 or