Mapping Study Abroad to the Major

“Mapping Study Abroad to the Major” or Study Abroad Curriculum Integration is a collaborative initiative between KU’s academic departments and Study Abroad & Global Engagement (SAGE) to fully integrate study abroad programs (to include international study, internship, research or service-learning) into the college experience and academic curricula for students in all degree programs. The goal is to make study abroad accessible to a greater percentage of the institution’s undergraduate students while keeping them on track towards a timely graduation. 

students abroad in Roatan
Students abroad on Marine Biology program.

The University of Kansas expanded the role and prominence of Study Abroad by placing it squarely within the KU Core Curriculum.  Advanced Education Goal 4.2 seeks to ensure that students gain “cultural understanding and global awareness” through their foundational KU education.  Students will be able to meet this educational goal through a significant study abroad experience, defined as an experience of a semester or year duration or a short-term program achieving UCCC approval.