Global Scholar Cohorts

2019 class of Global Scholars

Sophomores With an Interest in International Studies

KU’s Global Scholars Program draws on the exceptional knowledge and resources in world languages and regional studies at the university. Ambitious sophomores with an interest in international studies should apply to the multi-year program, which emphasizes intercultural learning, research, and networking.  Fifteen sophomores are selected each fall for a new cohort.

The interdisciplinary seminar serves as the foundation for the program. The specially designed course focuses on a different theme each year, such as imperialism, memory, healthcare, dance, and biodiversity. An award-winning professor teaches the unique seminar that engages non-Western perspectives, encourages critical thought about their own culture, and enables better understanding of global issues.

Research Project

In addition to the seminar, Global Scholars conduct a research project that they present their senior year at the Global Scholars Research Symposium. Project ideas often grow out of the seminar and/or their study abroad experience. For example, Global Scholar Sam Eastes studied abroad in Costa Rica and began researching the factors contributing to the migration of LGBT Refugees in Central America. 

Alumni include doctors, lawyers, professors, innovative leaders and thoughtful global citizens. We thank each of our Global Scholar participants for their dedication and contribution to the international KU community at large! 

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Global Scholars Seminars

Seminar: “Peace, War and Security,” taught by Dr. Brittnee Carter, associate professor of political science  


Name, Major 

Mattie Bonner, music therapy

Elijah Ditto, environmental geology

Taylor Doyle, political science and multimedia journalism

Andrew Fewins, economics and global & international studies with a minor in intelligence and national security studies

Changwen Gong, computer science with a minor in business

Joselyn Hernandez-Abarca, English and music performance

Hannah Loub, journalism and global & international studies

Katherine Lukert, behavioral neuroscience and molecular, cellular & developmental biology

Kevinh Nguyen, interdisciplinary computing with a concentration in economics

Natalie Scholz, double language concentration major in Chinese and Japanese

Jack Shaw, American studies with minors in history, French and philosophy

Matvey Tabakh, accounting on the pre-law track

Kemar Wilson, computer science

Sabrina Yang, economics and global & international studies with minors in East Asian languages & cultures and intelligence & national security studies

Seminar: "Citizens, Refugees, Humans" taught by Dr. Marike Janzen

Name, Major

Aarthi Aruna, behavioral neuroscience and anthropology

Anya Asjad, biochemistry

Braiden Bangalanglobal and international studies (GIST), Chinese, and history

Monisha Biswa, political science and global and international studies

Hannah Chern, molecular, cellular & developmental biology

Sophia Hudson, exercise science

Ye Gang Lee, political science, global and international studies, and East Asian Languages with a concentration in Korean

Jeannine Lopez, biochemistry and history

Joohye Oh, English

Catherine O'Lear, philosophy and women, gender, and sexuality studies

Josh Omitt, microbiology

Fatima Qureshi, biology

Armina Raheel, human biology

Chadhve Ranganathan, molecular, cellular & developmental biology

Angel Singhal, biotechnology

Seminar: "Music and Migration,” taught by Dr. Ketty Wong

Name, Major

Sivani Badrivenkata, pharmacy

Blake Bruno, accounting

Sydney Cole, molecular, cellular & developmental biology

Dorothy Haggard, chemical engineering

Rachael Lawler, history, global & international studies and French

Sana Mahomed, applied behavioral sciences with a specialization on community health & development

Preston Means psychology, sociology and political science

Kaitlyn Moore, secondary English education

Gustavo Moreira, electrical engineering

Diana Nguyen, psychology

Ahmni Pang-Johnson, computer science

Aalana Samuels, political science and philosophy with an interest in pre-law.

Tanya Singh, biology and political science

Larissa Thome, finance and exercise science

Caroline Tuohey, mechanical engineering


Seminar: “Sociocultural Foundations of Mind and Experience,” taught by Dr. Glenn Adams

Chloe Dean, Political Science with a minor in history

Dulani Hannadige, Global & International Studies

Virginia Hannahan, English and Philosophy on the pre-law track with a minor in political science

Samuel Harder, Economics and Mathematics

Poonam Keshary, Microbiology on the pre-medicine track

Ryan Lee, Microbiology

Miranda McDaniel, Psychology major on the pre-medicine track

Mary Morrison, Political Science and Global & International Studies with a minor in African & African diaspora languages

Lily Nguyen Global & International Studies, East Asian Languages & Cultures with a focus on Japanese

Jimin Park, Global & International Studies, East Asian Languages & Cultures and Political Science with minors in intelligence studies and environmental studies

Roman Ruiz, Spanish as foreign language education

Emma Russin, Civil Engineering with an environmental emphasis

Marah Shulda, Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in biology

Cynthia Volinic, Linguistics

Seminar: “Mobility, Borders, and Belonging,” taught by Dr. Andrew Denning

Name, Major

Guled Abdi, Microbiology

Katherine Burton, Anthropology and Global & International Studies

Jaleah Cullors, Political Science 

Nicole Dolan, News & Information

Darene Essa, Mechanical Engineering

Christian Hunn, Architecture 

Käte-Marie LeglerStrategic Communication, Psychology

Quinn Leyda, Anthropology, Latin American & Caribbean studies, and Spanish 

Alexis Rawlings, Spanish and Global & International Studies

Fernanda Reyes, Human Biology and Cultural Anthropology

Kade Schoenfeldt, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

Monnawat (Modem) Tongkaw, Electrical Engineering

Phuong Truong, Supply Chain Management

Chloe VanBecelaere, Spanish and Global & International Studies

Jared Wright, Philosophy and Physics

Seminar: "Chronic Conditions: Knowing, Seeing & Healing the Body in Global Africa" taught by Professor Kathryn Rhine 

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

Ritu Agarwal, Biochemistry and Sociology, Singapore

Gabriella Bernard, Music Therapy, Pending

Mary Bisbee, Anthropology and Social Welfare, Pending

Taelyr Blehm, Global and International Studies, Pending

Grant Daily, History and Global and International Studies, Spain

Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, Political Science, Pending

Rachel Griffard, Behavioral Neuroscience, Pending

Caroline Hwang, Exercise Science and Community Health, Singapore

Cierra Kahrs, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Singapore

Emma Kellogg, Visual Arts and French, France

Natasha LaGrega, Microbiology, Spain

Abigail Neal, Environmental Studies and Political Science, Pending

Annabella Rodriguez, Psychology and Applied Behavioral Science, Pending

Seminar: "Biodiversity and Biodiversity Scholarship around the World taught by University Distinguished Professor A. Townsend Peterson

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

Mackenzie Aden, Political Science and History, United Kingdom

Alexandra Carroll, Visual Communication, Spain

Matti Dimmick, Slavic Languages, Estonia

Annabel Dolan, International Studies and French, France

Johnathan Fancher, Political Science and Global and International Studies, France

Harriett Hobart, Environmental Studies, United Kingdom

Brooke Lapke, Microbiology, Spain, 

Natalia Leyba, Electrical Engineering, Germany

Tyler Nguyen, Chemistry, Ireland

Elizabeth Phillips, Music Performance and Behavioral Neuroscience, United Kingdom

Matthew Reinhold, Linguistics and Global and International Studies, Honduras 

Erika Sertic, Double Language concentration, Korea

Ruth Taylor, East Asian Languages and Cultures and Spanish, Korea

Seminar: “Memory in a Global Perspective” taught by Professor Elizabeth MacGonagle

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

Alex Cateforis, English, Art History, Senegal

Gabriel Dorsey, Political Science, Germany

Samuel Fenton, Political Science, Economics

David Halliwell, Political Science, History, Italy

Samantha King, Spanish, Supply Chain Management, Argentina

Daniel Lee, Global and International Studies, French, Tanzania

Nidhi Patel, Biology, Western Europe

Victoria Reggeti, Exercise Science, Pre Med, Spain

Jason Rydalch, Finance, Economics, Thailand

Maya Van Nuys, Global and International Studies, France

Lilah Wilder, French, Global and International Studies, France

Seminar: "From the Social to the Global: Seeing the World through Flamenco and Latin Popular Dance" taught by Professor Michelle Heffner Hayes

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

Elise Arney, Finance and Spanish, Spain

Zaara Baig, Biology and Spanish, Argentina

Rebekah Burgweger, Global & International Studies and Political Science, Morocco

Mallory Copeland, Environmental Science and Chinese, China

Matthew Dunn, History/Political Science/Global & International Studies, Belgium

Chris Fairleigh, Speech-Language-Hearing, Spain

Paige Hansen, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/English, Costa Rica

Danielle London, Peace and Conflict Studies/Global & International Studies, Costa Rica

Megan Peat, Political Science, Norway

Margaret Reed, Business, Czech Republic

Rebecca Reilly, Civil Engineering, Argentina

Sonia Schöneich, Chemistry/Psychology, United Kingdom

Patrick Spanier, Accounting and Chinese Language and Literature, China

Kellor Yde, Political Science/Global & International Studies

Seminar: "Community in a Global Context" taught by Professor Dena Register

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

BreShawna Briggs, Accounting, India

Victoria Calderon, English/Political Science, United Kingdom

Aidan Dmitriev, Microbiology

Sam Eastes, Journalism/Global & International Studies, Costa Rica

Beth Fentress, Speech-Language-Hearing, China

Abby Fields, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Costa Rica

Libby Grube, Anthropology/History, United Kingdom

Samantha Harms, Environmental Studies/Journalism, Germany

Mara McAllister, Social Welfare/Women’s Studies, United Kingdom

Shiva Pedram, Pre-Med, Spain

Grace Phillips, Economics, United Kingdom

Victoria Purvis, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Alex Robinson, Anthropology/Film Studies, Guatemala

Grace Roth, Civil Engineering, South Africa

Ariane Wright, Economics/English, Costa Rica

Seminar: “Translation” taught by Professor Stanley Lombardo

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

William Ashley, Global & Int’l Studies/Chinese Language and Literature, Taiwan

George Blankenau, Biochemistry, Zambia

Erin Calhoun, Human Biology/English, Costa Rica

Elizabeth Chaney, Speech-Language-Hearing, Italy

Alyssa Denneler, Anthropology, France

Kacey Eis, Community Health, South Africa

Lauren Fleming, Political Science/Spanish, Argentina

Ashlie Koehn, Global & International Studies/Economics, Switzerland

Rosalyn Lucas, Japanese Language and Literature, England

Allison Morte, Global & International Studies, Argentina

Jacob Reinig, Finance and Political Science, Morocco

Parker Riley, Computer Science, Russia

Bryce Tappan, Environmental Chemistry, Costa Rica

Claire Zimmerman, Visual Communication Design, Germany

Seminar: “Memory in a Global Perspective” taught by Professor Elizabeth MacGonagle

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

Jennifer Corcoran, Spanish/Pre-Med, Chile

Michael Garrett, Journalism/Spanish, Argentina

Drew Harger, Finance, Costa Rica

Erin Ice, Human Biology/Spanish, Argentina

Heathyr Johnson, Secondary English Education, Italy

Nicole Richardson, Political Science/Global & Int’l Studies, India

Kellen Smutz, Human Biology, Scotland

Aimee Sommerville, Political Science/French, France

Betsy Tampke, Creative Writing/Finance, Costa Rica

Anna Wenner, English/History, England

Kat Youtsey, History, Germany

Seminar: “Imperialism in a Modern World,” taught by Professor Megan Greene

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

Margo Bogossian, Journalism/Spanish, Costa Rica

Hannah Duff, Environmental Studies/Global & International Studies, Peru

Jamie Fuller, Anthropology/French, England

Maslyn Locke, Psychology/Global & International Studies, Ireland

Ethan Lovell, English, France

Susie McClanahan, Global and International Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures, South Korea

Jon Nelson, Sociology, Germany

Phuc Nguyen, Engineering, New Zealand

Brenna Paxton, Visual Communication - Graphic Design, Ireland

Sydney Rayl, English/French, France

Allen Schaidle, Secondary Education, Italy

Nina Scheibe, Music Performance, England

Miles Simpson, Economics/Chinese Language and Culture, China

Amanda Swanson, Linguistics/Spanish, Nicaragua

Jerrica Werner, Chemical Engineering, England

Seminar: "Truth in a Global World” taught by Professor Brent Steele

Name, Major, and Study Abroad Country

Alexandra Chase, Psychology/International Studies, England

Joshua Dean, Political Science/Economics, Ghana

Katie Fankhauser, Environmental Studies/French, Senegal

Ryan House, Biology/Anthropology, Peru

Sarah McCabe, Journalism/English, England

Jeff Miller, Latin American Studies/Anthropology, Costa Rica

Shenji Pan, Mathematics/Economics, International Student

Jay Patel, Psychology/Spanish, Spain

Taylor Patterson, Biology, England

Amy Sinclair, Microbiology/Russian, Russia

Sara Sneath, Journalism/Sociology, Turkey

Sarah Stern, Journalism/Latin American Studies, Paraguay

Laura Weaver, Political Science/French, England/South Korea

Matthew Werner, Computer Engineering, England