Course Database

Things to Know Before Searching the Course Database

  1. Consult with your academic advisor or Director of Graduate Studies about eligibility for specific courses and to discuss your overall study abroad course plan.  You must meet the host institution's course prerequisites, as well as the prerequisites for the equivalent KU course. 
  2. Research available courses on your program's webpage and your host institution's course catalog and the course equivalency database below.
  3. Determine if you need departmental approval for each of the courses you plan to take abroad.  See 4 below for more information.
  4. Database Course "Status" Definitions:
    • "APPROVED equivalency" courses have been pre-approved by a departmental approver.  These courses DO NOT require departmental approval.
    • "Prior equivalency" courses were one-time only approvals. These courses DO require faculty approval to determine if an equivalency exists for you.
    • Any courses not appearing in the database DO require departmental approval by the relevant KU academic department. 
    • You will request these approvals from appropriate Departmental Approvers through the Electronic Academic Plan & Approval Form (see below).
  5. Complete your Electronic Academic Plan and Approval Form by entering the foreign course information for each course and indicate whether it is an "APPROVED Equivalency" or "Requires Departmental Approval."
    • For courses with a status of "APPROVED Equivalency," you will be prompted to enter the details of the KU course that it is approved to transfer back as.
    • For those requiring approval, you will be prompted to upload or link to the course syllabus (or course description if the syllabus is not available) and enter the Departmental Approver for each course requiring approval.
    • After clicking the "Submit" button, it will be routed to departmental approvers (for courses requiring approval), and then to your academic advisor or Director of Graduate Studies for review, and lastly to KU Study Abroad where it will be uploaded to your application in JayhawksAbroad.
    • Students participating in an academic year program should submit one Electronic Academic Plan & Approval Form for each semester.
    • Students participating in KU faculty-led programs, the Hospital Shadowing program, or who will be enrolling in graduate-level research or dissertation hours do not need to complete this form.

How to Search the Course Database

  1. Enter search term(s) in the "Search" box below (wait for the search box to appear, it may take a minute).  Include quotation marks.  Some examples include: 
    • Program name: "University of Newcastle"
    • Term: "Spring"
    • Academic Department: "Mechanical Engineering" or "JOUR"
    • Specific KU Course: "ME 306" or "Science of Materials"
  2. You may narrow your search by entering more than one search term.  Some examples include:
    • "University of Newcastle" "spring" - this will generate a list of courses taught at the University of Newcastle during KU's spring semester. 
    • "ME 306" "fall" - this will generate a list of ME 306 courses taught during KU's fall semester.
  3. You may sort your search results by clicking the light gray arrow on the right side of each column heading.  Some examples include:
    • Click the arrow next to the heading "KU Course #" - this will put the search results in alphabetical order according to the KU course number.
    • Click the arrow next to the heading "Status"- this will will put the search results in alphabetical order according to the approval status (approved equivalency, KU course, no equivalency, possible equivalency).
  4. Get additional course details such as credit hours, terms offered, language of instruction, etc. by clicking the "Download to Excel" button above the course table. 

Course Equivalencies
Program NameStatusForeign Course #Foreign TitleKU Course #KU Course TitleKU Credit HoursNotes