Family Members

student being advised on international opportunities

Dear family members, 

Thank you for lending your support to an experience that may be one of the most exciting and momentous events of your student's collegiate life. Studying abroad provides students an opportunity to engage with the world’s languages, cultures, and communities; explore issues of global concern; and better understand themselves within the context of the United States and the broader global community, all while earning academic credit toward completion of their KU degrees.  We are so pleased that your student is exploring or has chosen to participate in an international academic program through Study Abroad & Global Engagement (SAGE).  

SAGE staff will work closely with your student throughout the application, admission, and preparation processes for their international experience.  A wide variety of materials is available to your student to aid them in their preparation including information on academics, cultural adjustment and engagement, health and safety, and emergency management.  

On this page, you will find useful information to keep you informed about study abroad, and how to support your student in this exciting step in their careers at KU. Please bookmark this page as a handy quick reference while your student is abroad. If you have particular questions or concerns you would like to discuss, I urge you to contact our office. 


Angela Perryman 


Study Abroad & Global Engagement