Architecture Internships in Paris

Image of Paris
Location: Paris, France
Language of Instruction: EnglishFrench
Academic Disciplines: Architecture
Program Type: Internship
Open to non-KU Students: No
Fulfills KU Core 4.2: No
Fulfills KU Core 5: No

  • Complete coursework at the Ecole Nationale Superieure D'Architecture Paris Val-de-Seine (ENSA) during the fall term and engage in an academic internship at an architectural firm in Paris in the Spring.
  • Gain professional and international experience in the field of architecture.
  • Explore the rich art, culture, and creative opportunities of Paris, "the World City".
  • Open to students in their final year of the M. Arch program.  French language proficiency encouraged but not required.

Unique among study abroad programs, the KU Architecture Internships in Paris Program enables students to complete studio coursework under the tutelage of Professor Pierre Engel at the Ecole Nationale Superieure D'Architecture Paris Val-de-Seine and Professor Steve Padget of the University of Kansas, as well as engage in a part-time, academic internship with one of Europe’s most prestigious practices.  Students are exposed to the latest European architectural projects and to the international practice of architecture focused on large-scale projects in an urban setting utilizing advanced technology. The contemporary design experience is set against the powerful historical traditions of Europe, allowing students to witness firsthand the creative dialogue between the past and present.  Following the direction of Hatch Professor Wojciech Lesnikowski for nearly twenty years, the program continues its mission to expose KU students to the cutting edge of international practice. 

In recent years, KU students have been placed in the following partner firms:

  • Architecture Studio
  • Ateliers Jean Nouvel
  • Frédéric Borel
  • Emmanuelle Gautrand
  • Ibos & Vitart
  • Odile Decq Studio
  • Viguier & Associés
  • Wilmotte Architecte

While in their internships, students have worked on a broad range of projects including museums, housing competitions, urban design and high-rise developments, to name but a few. Historically, many Internships in Paris program alumni have maintained long-term ties with the offices and teams in which they work. These experiences have proven to be pivotal in participants' professional paths as they bring their experiences back to US firms or continue their professional trajectories abroad.

Internship hours are eligible for NCARB intern training credit.

From the Opéra boulevards to the historic area of the Marais with its early modern architecture and designer stores, from the Cluny medieval museum to the futuristic Centre Beaubourg, studying and interning in Paris provides students with a comprehensive introduction to French life, art, and architecture. In recent years, participants have taken part in museum tours, concerts, plays and films; walking tours of Montmartre, the île St. Louis, and the Left Bank; as well as other cultural outings during their free-time in Paris.  In addition, Paris’ central location allows easy travel to all of Europe’s major destinations on weekends or national holidays.  

This program is open to students in their final year of the Master of Architecture program at KU. 

Students will enroll in 12 hours of credit at ENSA during the fall term and enroll in 9 internship credits directly through KU during the spring term. 

Participants will be housed in shared student apartments with multi-occupancy bedrooms located throughout Paris.

Pierre Engel, Professor at ENSA, oversees the internship placement.

SAGE is dedicated to creating international engagement opportunities that meet the needs of all our students and providing resources to support you through the process of studying abroad. Study abroad is achievable for students of all identities including our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students, students with disabilities, and students with religious/non-religious viewpoints. Before selecting a program, consider how your identities may impact your experience abroad in unique ways and talk with your Program Coordinator about any program-specific concerns. Students with documented disabilities should discuss any accommodation needs with their Program Coordinator early in the planning process.

Check our Identity Abroad page and resources listed below for information specific to you and other students who may be on your program.

The program is open to students who have successfully completed ARCH 609 and will be final year M. Arch students.  French language proficiency is encouraged, but not required.  Minimum 2.5 GPA required.

Application Procedures

All interested students must submit their portfolios to the School of Architecture & Design by the specified deadline.  The School of Architecture & Design will communicate with interested students directly regarding portfolio requirements.

Portfolios of student work will be submitted to the architecture firms in Paris for placement consideration. Internship assignments will be made on the basis of submitted portfolios and the decision of the program faculty.

All students selected for the program will also be required to complete an application through Study Abroad & Global Engagement.  Students interested in applying for scholarships through SAGE must apply by March 15th (even if final notification of internship placement is pending). Scholarship information is available at Study Abroad Scholarships.

Dr. Marie-Alice L'Heureux, Professor of Architecture, serves as the program director within the KU School of Architecture & Design. 

Important Note about Passports & Visas

Please note that a student visa is required for this program and all applicants are required to apply in-person through VFS, a visa processing service, which has multiple locations throughout the US. KU Study Abroad & Global Engagement will provide you with instructions for how to apply for a visa once you are accepted to the program. You must have a passport in order to apply for a visa and it must be valid for at least 3 months past the program end date and have at least two blank visa pages left in it. If you do not already have a passport, or if your passport does not meet these requirements, it is recommended that you begin the application or renewal process now. Information about how to apply for a passport can be found at The Passport Center.