Elementary Education

General Planning Tips For Elementary Education

  • Start planning for your study abroad experience early. You can take admission requirements, general education, and/or teacher education courses abroad and still stay on track for graduation.
  • Study abroad is a great way to satisfy your program admission and general education requirements. Therefore, it is a good idea to reserve some of those classes to take overseas.
  • Summer options: Summer is ideal for completing some admission and general education requirements. You could also participate in a unique field experience through one of the summer teaching programs.
  • Scholarships are available for study abroad both through KU Study Abroad & Global Engagement and national organizations. Research your opportunities early.
  • U.S. Specific Courses: Courses that include special education content (SPED) are based on United States law, so you should plan to take these courses at KU. In addition, the courses during your student teaching semesters will include field work and practicum requirements, thus these must be taken at KU as well. (C&T 490, C&T 494, C&T 495, ELPS 537, EPSY 455, EPSY 520)

When To Go


  • Schedule a meeting with an education advisor during your first semester at KU to discuss your four year plan and identify specific courses as well as specific timing opportunities for your study abroad experience. If you wish to take teacher education courses abroad for a full semester, you will need to follow a specific pre-determined study abroad 4-year graduation plan, in which you will study abroad in Australia during the spring semester of your junior year. Early planning starting your freshman year is vital. If you wish to take other courses abroad, such as your general education or admission requirement courses, there is a little more flexibility with your graduation plan, and you will study abroad earlier -- during summers or early sophomore year.
  • After you've met with your academic advisor, continue your program research by visiting the KU Study Abroad Info Center in Lippincott Hall. Study abroad peer advisors can help you to identify suitable study abroad options based upon the information you received from your advisor.
  • Studying abroad usually requires two letters of recommendation, so it's good to start identifying individuals who can speak to your academic qualifications as well as your ability to be successful during an international experience.
  • The summer after your freshman or sophomore year is an ideal time to take some of your admission requirement and general education courses abroad. The application deadline for many summer programs is February 15.


  • The fall semester of your sophomore year is an ideal time to take some of your admission requirements and general education courses abroad. The application deadline for most fall programs is March 15th.
  • Some of these courses that are commonly offered abroad include: GEOG 104, HIST 128, PSYC 104, ENGL 209.


  • The ideal time for Elementary Education students to study teacher education courses abroad is the spring semester of junior year. The application deadline for spring programs is October 1st.
  • There is some degree of flexibility with your course sequencing during this time. If you need an education class (C&T, ELPS, EPSY, SPED) that is not available through your study abroad program and only offered at KU during the semester you are abroad, the School of Education is often able to work with you in arranging access to the course via Skype, Lecture Capture, or some other technology.
  • Some junior level Teacher Education courses that are commonly offered abroad include:  C&T 354, ELPS 301, EPSY 305, MEMT 341, and VAE 341.


  • Senior year is not a good time to study abroad for Elementary Education students because of your student teaching requirements.

Courses and Credit

  • Education faculty have already pre-approved a number of teacher education courses abroad. To see available pre-approved courses, visit the Course Equivalency Database.
  • If you want to take a class/classes that have not been pre-approved, complete the credit approval process.


Recommended Programs For Elementary Education

Programs Offering Admission Requirements and/or General Education Courses

Korea University - South Korea

Recommended Timing: Summer - after freshman or sophomore year

Sample Courses: Calculus I, Critical Thinking and Writing, General Biology I, General Chemistry I, Intro to American Politics, Intro to Comparative Politics, Intro to Physics I, Intro to Psychology

University of Leicester - England

Recommended Timing: Fall semester - sophomore year

Sample Courses: ENGL 209, GEOG 104, HIST 128, PSYC 104

Programs Offering Teacher Education Courses

Macquarie University - Australia

Recommended Timing: Spring semester - junior year

Sample Courses: C&T 354, ELPS 301, ENGL 203/209/210, EPSY 305

University of Wollongong - Australia

Recommended Timing: Spring semester - junior year

Sample Courses: C&T 354, ELPS 301, EPSY 305, MEMT 341, VAE 341

Programs Offering Teaching Experience

These programs may count for KU Core Goal 4.2. Recommended for summer after sophomore or junior year.

Education Majors: A Cross-Cultural Experience in Carpi - Italy

Education Teach Abroad - India

Teaching English in Korea - South Korea