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Study architecture abroad in Newcastle through an approved and accredited KU study abroad program.
Location: Newcastle, England
Language of Instruction: English
Term: FallSpring
Academic Disciplines: Architecture
Program Type: Semester or Academic Year
Open to non-KU Students: No
Fulfills KU Core 4.2: Yes
Fulfills KU Core 5: No

Spend one of your third-year M.Arch semesters at Newcastle University taking ARCH 508 studio along with other Architecture courses offered by Newcastle's Architecture faculty

Currently the only approved university for KU Architecture students in the United Kingdom is Newcastle University, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Students may spend the fall semester of the third year of the M.Arch. degree at Newcastle. Students MAY be able to study in the spring semester of the third year, provided that they enroll in ARCH 509 at KU for the fall semester of the third year.

Students are required to complete KU Architecture's study abroad intent form by KU Architecture's deadline in January in order to be nominated for either the following fall or spring semester.

KU Architecture students will enroll in one studio and two lecture courses during the fall semester at Newcastle University:

ARC2099: Architectural Design 2 (Semester 1) (ARCH 508, 6 credits + ARCH 359, 2 credits)

ARC2016: Architectural Technology 2: Construction in Detail (ARCH 626, 3 credits)

ARC2018: Cities, Cultures, Space (ARCH 359, 5 credits)


Students interested in pursuing a third-year Spring placement at Newcastle should meet with their academic advisor in Fall of the second year of the M.Arch degree to determine whether Spring of third year will be possible.

Typical spring courses include:

ARCH2095: Architectural Design 2 (Semester 2)

ARCH2017: Construction, Energy, Professional Practice (ARCH 627, 3 credits + 2 credits TBD)

+One additional 3 KU credit course

Additional Architecture courses vary depending on timetable clashes. For Spring 2024, the following courses do not clash with ARCH2095 and ARCH 2017:

TCP1014 Planning Processes

TCP1020 Environment and Sustainability


Once admitted by Newcastle University, KU students will be able to apply directly for Newcastle University accommodation. KU's accommodation budget estimate assumes rent of £160 per week for an 18-week accommodation contract. Newcastle University has a variety of housing options, some of which are well under our estimate, and others that are more expensive than the estimate. It is up to each student to decide which features and budget suit their own situation.

For more information on housing options at Newcastle visit their Accommodation Office website. 

SAGE is dedicated to creating international engagement opportunities that meet the needs of all our students and providing resources to support you through the process of studying abroad. Study abroad is achievable for students of all identities including our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students, students with disabilities, and students with religious/non-religious viewpoints. Before selecting a program, consider how your identities may impact your experience abroad in unique ways and talk with your Program Coordinator about any program-specific concerns. Students with documented disabilities should discuss any accommodation needs with their Program Coordinator early in the planning process.

Check our Identity Abroad page and resources listed below for information specific to you and other students who may be on your program.

Open to KU Architecture students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 who wish to study at Newcastle for a semester during the third year of their M.Arch. degree.

Non-Architecture students may also apply to study in their major at Newcastle. KU students need to have achieved sophomore status by the beginning of the program and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Non-Architecture students are encouraged to compare tuition expenses between Newcastle and exchange partner universities of KU's Great Britain Direct Exchange program to determine if Newcastle is their preferred UK university choice.

Students searching for a study abroad program are encouraged to meet with a Peer Advisor in the SAGE Info Center, located in 105 Lippincott. No appointment is necessary.  Students who decide to do a SIP are responsible for researching their options, finding an appropriate program, and meeting with a program coordinator to discuss the program. 

The following websites are useful tools for researching non-KU programs:

IIEPassport Study Abroad



Brochures for a number of non-KU programs are available in the SAGE Info Center.