Preparing for International Careers in Germany

Image of Wiesbaden, Germany
Explore international career strategies, gain first-hand international work experience, and develop intercultural communication skills through participation in a consulting project in Germany with an international student team.
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Language of Instruction: English
Term: Summer
Academic Disciplines: -Open to All Majors
Program Type: Faculty-led
Open to non-KU Students: No
Fulfills KU Core 4.2: No
Fulfills KU Core 5: No

  • Gain international experience through a consulting project for an international organization.
  • Develop an international network by meeting and connecting with international organizations, faculty, and students. 
  • Learn strategies and use resources to develop an international career plan that matches your individual goals
  • Explore the beautiful Rhineland area surrounding Wiesbaden, an historic and culturally significant area in southwestern Germany.

The Preparing for International Careers in Germany course is designed for students interested in working internationally. An international career can be defined as either working abroad or living stateside and working with international partners. Through participation in a consulting project, students will gain international experience and skills while building connections with international partners. This course will also provide students with an excellent overview of the resources, opportunities, and steps involved in researching an international career path.  Any student from any academic program or career focus is encouraged to apply. This is an opportunity to develop employable skills in an international setting working alongside students from other international universities.  In addition, students will explore the historic Rhineland valley region, known for castles, medieval-era towns and wine-production, through several sight-seeing tours of the Rhine river, Mainz, the Guttenberg Museum and Wiesbaden. 

Germany is a global center for commerce, industry, diplomacy, and world aid, and is the world's fourth largest economy.

Situated near the cities of Frankfurt and Mainz, Wiesbaden is a community of approximately 270,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the Federal State of Hesse.  It has both the charm of a 19th-century town as well as modern cosmopolitan architecture and an active cultural scene. 

The city's economy has an international orientation. Numerous Wiesbaden companies are represented around the world through their products, and many German and European head offices of well-known international companies are located in the city, making it an excellent location for the study of global business and international careers.

All participants will enroll in LA&S 480: Preparing for International Careers – Germany for 1-3 credits. The course will be offered in two phases: an online portion that meets six times prior to the trip to Germany, and a week-long summer program and consulting project experience in Wiesbaden Germany (August 4 - August 11, 2024). The online portion will meet in June and July and will cover topics on international careers, resources and application materials. Basic German phrases will also be taught for those who need it.

The topic of the summer program and international consulting project is Intercultural Branding, Marketing Communications, and International Careers. Students will work as part of an international team on a problem-based learning experience with student participants from Germany, and other European countries – teams will consult for a German media company on a communications campaign. Additionally, students will participate in lectures and workshops on international communication, brand management and working across cultures at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. Company visits and cultural activities designed to explore international work culture and international brand management will also be included in the program. This will be an excellent opportunity to forge lifelong friendships while developing employable skills such as intercultural communication, international collaboration, strategic design and decision-making.

All students will be housed in single occupancy rooms in a hotel in Weisbaden. Breakfast daily and most lunches are provided. Several group dinners are also included.

SAGE is dedicated to creating international engagement opportunities that meet the needs of all our students and providing resources to support you through the process of studying abroad. Study abroad is achievable for students of all identities including our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students, students with disabilities, and students with religious/non-religious viewpoints. Before selecting a program, consider how your identities may impact your experience abroad in unique ways and talk with your Program Coordinator about any program-specific concerns. Students with documented disabilities should discuss any accommodation needs with their Program Coordinator early in the planning process.

Considerations for Germany

Germany has laws in place to protect ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQIA+ individuals, the differently abled, and other groups. Same-sex marriage is available in Germany and most large city governments officially encourage and host LGBTQIA+ pride events. 

Germany’s cities and public transportation are generally accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Older sections of the cities and smaller towns may be less accessible due to centuries-old architecture, cobblestone streets, and small indoor spaces. Germany offers services for people who are mobility, sight, or hearing impaired.

Source: U.S. Department of State country information pages and Diversity Abroad.

Additional Resources

Check our Identity Abroad page and resources listed below for information specific to you and other students who may be on your program.

Open to undergraduate students from the University of Kansas.  A minimum 2.5 GPA is required, but exceptions will be considered upon submission of a petition.  Any student from any academic program or career focus is encouraged to apply. Contact the Program Director for more detailed and specific information.

Natalia Plotnikov is the Assistant Director for the University Career Center.  She holds a master's degree in Linguistics from The University of Kansas, and an undergraduate degree in Teaching English as a Second Language in addition to her 10+ years’ experience in career advising, teaching and employer outreach.  Ms. Plotnikov has traveled extensively and led multiple study abroad programs for the University of Kansas.  More detailed information about her professional accomplishments and interests is available via the University Career Center Staff.

For More Information, Contact:

Natalia Plotnikov, Assistant Director

University Career Center

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