Leading Global Supply Chains in Northern Europe

Image of Leading Global Supply Chains in Northern Europe
KU Business students, primarily those majoring or with a concentration in supply chain management or international business, will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of supply chain management in the global market.
Location: Cologne, Germany and Delft, Netherlands
Language of Instruction: English
Term: Summer
Program Type: Faculty-led
Open to non-KU Students: No
Fulfills KU Core 4.2: No
Fulfills KU Core 5: No

May 15-May 26, 2023

  • Northern Europe is the perfect place to see globally-minded business leaders navigate the world's supply chains
  • Earn three hours of academic credit through completion of this program
  • Program includes visits to several cities in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands

KU Business students interested in international business, supply chain management, and overall business leadership will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of of the business skills necessary to navigate the world's supply chains in the global market.

Europe constitutes one of the most important economies in our world today. Business in Europe is critical to the world economy and the European Union plays a vital role in the health of the global economy.

The Port of Rotterdam is one of the world’s largest ports, handling ships carrying over 19,000 containers each. All major ocean shipping companies use Rotterdam as a major part of their global business strategy. 

Historically, Amsterdam and its surrounding areas have been a mecca for international commerce with its diversity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 

Cologne is a major transport and manufacturing hub in Europe with connections via land, sea, and air.  With five Rhine river ports and the Cologne-Bonn Airport serving as the second largest freight hub in Germany, the Cologne region offers a great lens to European supply chain and international business.  Students will have the opportunity to explore these cities both from a business and cultural perspective.

Three hours of academic credit are granted by The University of Kansas upon successful completion of the program. Students will enroll in either SCM 400 or IBUS 500: Global Business and Supply Chain in Northern Europe. Course requirements include several pre-program meetings, most scheduled on campus during the spring semester. The meetings will allow students to learn about global trade practices, workforce challenges, and emerging technologies unique to global supply chains. They will also visit with area business leaders and companies who have operations in Europe to understand their supply chain strategies. Additionally, these meetings provide an opportunity for students to meet others who will be participating in the program.

While in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, the group will visit with businesses of varying size and industries to discuss their supply chain strategy and execution as well as critical leadership challenges when managing an international business.  Key visits will include the ocean port terminal in Rotterdam, the UPS WorldPort hub at the Cologne/Bonn Airport, and the FloraHolland flower auction near Amsterdam.  Students will have various opportunities to converse with leading supply chain executives during site visits and will participate in a case presentation while visiting the Deloitte offices in Amsterdam.

Students will stay in double- or triple-occupancy rooms in hotels in Delft, Netherlands (seven nights), Cologne, Germany (two nights), and Utrecht, Netherlands (two nights).

Students will enjoy visits to multiple cities in the region, including Cologne and Bonn, Germany; Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Breda, Utrecht and Delft in the Netherlands. Each country provides unique historical, architectural, and cultural exposure for students.

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This program targets students who are majoring or minoring in supply chain management, management and leadership or international business. Open to students from accredited U.S. colleges or universities who have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Exceptions considered after submission of a petition.

Faculty Director

Dr. Ken Ward will lead the program. Dr. Ward teaches a variety of management courses at the University of Kansas including Project Management, Organizational Behavior, and International Human Resources to name a few. He has worked in various parts of international supply chains throughout his career and enjoys bringing course topics to life on these trips.

Business School Scholarship

Scholarships may be available for study abroad programs. Consult the Center for Global Business Studies website for more information on study abroad scholarships for business students.