Creative Arts & Design

All students, including freshmen, can study abroad if they have completed one semester on campus at KU and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. For Exploratory Advising students, study abroad early in your academic career can provide the experience and exposure necessary to help  identify or eliminate major or minor possibilities.  It's also a great way to  connect to a community of peers  early on in your KU experience. Winter break, spring break and summer are ideal times for Exploratory Advising students to study abroad; recommended programs for students in Creative Arts & Design Exploratory Advising are listed at the end of this guide.

General Planning Tips For Exploratory Pathway Students

  • The minimum eligibility requirements to study abroad are the completion of one semester on campus and a GPA of 2.5 or higher, so students can study abroad as early as winter break, spring break or summer of freshman year. Some programs may have additional eligibility requirements.
  • Schedule a meeting with your JAA advisor during your first semester at KU to discuss your exploratory pathway and identify specific courses and timing opportunities for your study abroad experience. You should also review the online advising resources for exploring majors. Continue your program research at the KU Study Abroad Info Center in Lippincott Hall. Study abroad peer advisors can help you to identify suitable study abroad options based upon the information you received from your advisor.
  • Several winter break, spring break and summer programs explore Creative Arts & Design. Some even fulfill KU Core requirements. Applications are due October 1st for winter and spring break programs, and March 1st for summer (internship deadlines are even earlier), so visit the Study Abroad Info Center early in the fall semester to learn more about your options.
  • Many KU study abroad programs fulfill Core Goal 4.2, so you might consider reserving that for your time abroad.
  • Scholarships are available for study abroad both through KU Study Abroad & Global Engagement and national organizations. Research your opportunities early.
  • Courses to take at KU: There may be certain courses within your curriculum that you should plan to take at KU.  Meet with your academic advisor to learn more about any restrictions that may exist in your curriculum so that you can effectively plan for a study abroad experience.

Courses and Credit

  • A number of study abroad courses have already been pre-approved for KU credit.  To see available pre-approved courses, visit the Course Equivalencies Database.
  • If you want to take a class/classes that have not been pre-approved, complete the credit approval process.

Recommended Short-Term Programs 

Music, Nations, Empires: Culture and Politics in Vienna and Prague

Explore the emergence of modernity in Vienna and Prague. The lens for examining this process will focus on architecture, theater, and music, with a special emphasis on opera. This program fulfills KU Core Goal 3 Arts and Humanities or Goal 4.2.

Creativity & Culture in Rome - Italy

Explore the role that culture plays in effective brand messaging. Develop the ability to immerse, observe, understand and connect with people and culture in context.

Documentary Drawing - Italy

Hone your observational drawing skills in Italy, the home of Renaissance artists and world-renowned architects.

Summer Global Internships

Participate in an international internship that will allow you to experience the benefits of studying abroad while also gaining real-world professional work experience. This program fulfills KU Core Goal 4.2.

Student Initiated Programs in South Korea- Korea University International Summer Campus

Take introductory courses in art, branding, drawing, new media, typography and more during a 4-week or 6-week summer program at one of KU's partner universities in Seoul, South Korea.

Theatre in Greece

Study Greek theatre for a summer in Lawrence's sister city, Katohi, Greece. Experience preparing and performing a Greek tragedy in the ancient outdoor theatre of Oiniades. This program fulfills KU Core Goal 4.2.