Sport Management

General Planning Tips For Sport Management 

  • Start planning for your study abroad experience early. You can take admission requirements, general education, or Sport Management HSES courses abroad and still stay on track for graduation.
  • Study abroad is a great way to satisfy your KU Core requirements. Therefore, it is a good idea to reserve some of your KU Core classes to take abroad.
  • Scholarships are available for study abroad both through KU Study Abroad & Global Engagement and national organizations. Research your opportunities early.
  • U.S. Specific Courses: The 15 credit-hour HSES 499 internship course must be completed at an approved site within a 50-mile radius of Lawrence. You may petition to complete this course abroad if your GPA is higher than 3.0.

When To Go

Freshman and Sophomore

  • Schedule a meeting with a sport management advisor during your first semester at KU to discuss your four year plan and identify specific courses as well as specific timing opportunities for your study abroad experience.
  • After you've met with your academic advisor, continue your program research by visiting the KU Study Abroad Info Center in Lippincott Hall. Study abroad peer advisors can help you to identify suitable study abroad options based upon the information you received from your advisor.
  • Studying abroad usually requires two letters of recommendation, so it's good to start identifying individuals who can speak to your academic qualifications as well as your ability to be successful during an international experience.
  • There are both summer and full semester study abroad programs that offer courses required for your minor (business, journalism or psychology) as well as general education and KU Core courses. The best time to pursue these programs is the spring semester of your freshman year, either semester of your sophomore year, or the summer after your freshman or sophomore year. See "Recommended Programs" below for specific examples.

Junior and Senior

  • The ideal times for Sport Management students to study abroad are the second semester of their junior year or first semester of their senior year. Application deadlines are typically on October 1st for spring programs and March 1st for fall programs.
  • There is some degree of flexibility with your course sequencing during this time. You might need to take a class or two online during the summer before you go abroad or the summer after you return to KU. If you need an HSES class that is not available through your study abroad program and only offered at KU during the semester you are abroad, the Sport Management Department is usually willing to work with you in arranging access to the course via Skype, Lecture Capture, or some other technology.
  • Some junior and senior level sport management courses that are commonly offered abroad include: HSES 380, HSES 384, HSES 440, HSES 483, HSES 486, and HSES 487.

Courses and Credit

  • Sport management faculty have already pre-approved a number of sport management courses abroad. To see available pre-approved courses, visit the Course Equivalency Database.
  • If you want to take a class/classes that have not been pre-approved, complete the credit approval process.

Recommended Programs For Sport Management

Programs Offering Sport Management Coursework

Deakin University - Australia

Recommended Timing: Fall semester - junior or senior year
Sample Courses: business minor courses, HSES 384, HSES 486, HSES 487

Massey University - New Zealand

Recommended Timing: Either semester - junior year OR fall semester - senior year
Sample Courses: journalism minor courses, HSES 330, HSES 380, HSES 382, HSES 440, HSES 483, HSES 487

Sport Management in New Zealand - Auckland

Recommended Timing: Winter Break - sophomore or junior year
Course: HSES 598 Special Course: Global Sport Management

University of Kent - England

Recommended Timing: Spring semester - junior year
Sample Courses: psychology minor courses, HSES 289, HSES 440, HSES 487

University of Stirling - Scotland

Recommended Timing: Spring semester - junior year
Sample Courses: business minor courses, HSES 380, HSES 440, HSES 483, HSES 487

Programs Offering Business, Journalism or Psychology Minor Coursework

CIMBA - Italy

Recommended Timing: Summer - after freshman or sophomore year
Sample Courses: business minor courses

Korea University - South Korea

Recommended Timing: Summer - after sophomore or junior year OR Spring semester - freshman year OR fall semester - sophomore year
Sample Courses: business minor courses, psychology minor courses, KU Core courses, general education courses

Lorenzo de' Medici - Italy

Recommended Timing: Summer - after freshman or sophomore year
Sample Courses: journalism minor courses, KU Core courses, general education courses

National University of Singapore - Singapore

Recommended Timing: Fall semester - sophomore year
Sample Courses: psychology minor courses, CLAS general ed courses

University of Hong Kong - China

Recommended Timing: Spring semester - sophomore year
Sample Courses: business minor courses, KU Core courses, general education courses

Programs Offering Internship Experience

Earn HSES 335 credit while gaining valuable work experience overseas. Internship duties vary based on location and student interest. Recommended for summer after junior year.

Summer Global Internships

Participate in an international internship that will allow you to experience the benefits of studying abroad while also gaining real-world professional work experience. This program fulfills KU Core Goal 4.2.